Thanks again Dr Mala You are a true credit to the world of dentistry!

Absolutely superb dentist, I would never have believed the amount of work I had carried out could be done so smoothly and painlessly !!!
Friendliness A+, Service A+, Prices A+
I got few zirconia crown and root canal treatment done at Dr.Mala’s clinic.
Thanks again Dr Mala You are a true credit to the world of dentistry.


You will be in good hands

Be prepared for a long thorough review. I’m a 26 year old male from New York City. The amount of cosmetic dental work that I wanted done in Manhattan would have cost me $37,000 to $40,000. At first I was going to get half the work done for half the price. At this point I was already aware of dental tourism but of course I was a bit skeptical. The only thing I would have to go on is reviews on the web and the communication between the doctor and I. That’s when I found Dr Mala with a rare 5 star rating from her patients. I immediately emailed her to inquire about services and porcelain veneers in Delhi. She was extremely informative and friendly. It’s almost as if she has a huge team working for her, that’s how fast she responds to emails. After about two weeks of emailing I decided to make the leap of faith and I booked my flight to New Delhi for porcelain veneers. She suggested hotels that were in walking distance to her office. (I suggest staying somewhere close if your doing extensive work because she may need to see you at a moments notice.) She also arranged for pickup from the airport for me. As soon as I checked in I went straight to see Dr Mala. I was extremely excited. I was greeted not only by her but her entire family! What great host they all were. It almost seemed too good to be true! With my New York mentality I thought they can’t all be this happy all the time, but they are truly genuine. The next day she started preparation on my teeth as I was getting 20 porcelain veneers/crowns.

Her office is nice and clean and her assistant is also very nice. During this stressful procedure she is extremely kind and any questions or concerns will be answered. She will also make sure you get out and enjoy India! I stayed there for almost 3 weeks to get my great smile for not even a quarter of the price in NYC. Not to mention the quality of teeth made by the lab and her skill. Since I’ve been back home the doctor and I are still in contact. Don’t be scared of leaving your country to see her, you will be in good hands.

New York

I would give her a Million stars if possible!

I would give her a Million stars if possible. Please if you find yourself reading this then don’t give a second thought about meeting her for any dental problems you may have.¬† I am a Nigerian who came to Delhi for a training course. When I was about 12 years old, I had an accident where I fell on my face and chipped off my two front teeth. I had always lived very conscious and ashamed of my smile so I didn’t smile much but not until I meet Dr.Mala. I surfed the internet looking for some of the best cosmetic dentist in Delhi had to offer then I found her with a lot of positive review’s and high rating. Out of curiosity I sent an email in the middle of the night explaining my dental condition and expecting to get a reply maybe in a day or two but I was surprised she replied almost immediately asking me to send¬† pics of my smile. We communicated via email and WhatsApp for a while and she recommended the best treatment option for my case before we met face to face. I can’t really explain why I was so confident and relaxed that she would do a very wonderful job so I proceeded with the treatment . I had a root canal done, post and core then zirconium crowns fixed. now just like a dream come true, I regained my confidence and my smile back. To be honest, I have never met someone very humble, caring, polite, intelligent, professional and also beautiful as Dr.Mala. As far as am concerned, she is the best dentist in Delhi. thank you very much for making my dreams come true Dr.Mala, you would always be remembered for what you have done.

David Oklobia
Kenya Resident

Exceptionally Painless Dental Treatment

If you are looking for painless dental treatment in delhi, then Dr. Mala’s clinic is the place to go.

Under the very professional care of Dr. Mala Makar, 2 root canal where performed, 2 beautiful zirconia crown were installed, 6 old fillings were replaced, and finally a total teeth cleaning was done. Everything went very smoothly, to the flexibility of the appointments to the duration of the procedures which were exceptionally painless. Last but none the less, the total bill was a fraction of what it would have been at home, in Canada, for no better treatment Dr. Makar deserves every five stars that I am giving her.


Canada Resident